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Do I need to register/login?

You only need to register and login if you are an agent (or property owner) and want to list properties on this website. 如果您是房东或代理您需要注册和登录。

How do I change my username/password?

You can't do that. But you can simply create a new account. If you are a landlord/agent you can change the email address that appears in each listing (next to the property information). But your original email that you supply for your username will stay the same. You will still use that same email address to login (your email address is your username for logging in). All passwords are encrypted and I couldn't tell someone your password even if I wanted to.

不,不可以。但是您可以改变别人看到的电子邮件。(也有一个办法:您可以重新开一个新的账户。) 这您可以做. 所有的密码是加密的:我自己也没办法告诉任何人您的密码是什么。如果您忘记您的密码的话:那就没办法了。重新弄一个账户吧。用任何电子邮件注册都可以(但是不能用已经注册的那些) 所有的密码都是被加密的,所以我也无法知道您的密码是什么。

How much does it cost?

You can use this website for free. 您可以免费用这个网站。

Can you make me a website like this one?

Yes, I can! That is part of why I made this website in the first place. I can make a site like this for you at a cost of about $1,500-2,000 USD. My cell phone in Shenzhen is 13692114024. You can also add my wechat: "ruanjianfanyi". To get more information please go to this website. 我很乐意帮您建个网站, 我可以做您的程序员,价格在于9000-12,000人民币. 您可以加我的微信:"ruanjianfanyi" 或深圳手机:13692114024。 想了解更多,请浏览到这个网站.

Do you verify landlords/agents on this site?

No, I do not. I can not and do not guarantee anything about the landlords, agents or properties/apartments which people choose to list on this site. You trust the people and properties you find here at your own peril/risk. 不,我不这样保证. 我不能保证这里的房东或公寓/房地产是真的。这是您自己的选择和危险。

How do I logout?

After you login, a red "logout" button will appear at the bottom of the original "login" page here: look for the red button. 您登陆以后,一个红色的按钮会出现在“login" 页面的下面:看看这个页面的下面