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Rent an Apartment in Shenzhen with the Assistance of an
Agent Who Speaks English! Call me Now!

Hi, and thanks for coming to my website! My name is Jack: an English-speaking apartment agent located here in Shenzhen, China. Although I'm Chinese, I have become familiar with westerners' expectations regarding renting an apartment as well as just western business practices in general. I strive to be very forthright and direct in my communications. My business model is based on English skills, access to apartment databases where I know the units are available, and my reputation among expats here in Shenzhen. I make finding an apartment or flat easy. Just call me and tell me about the type of flat/apartment you want to rent/let. All of the flats and apartments I show people are reasonably-priced; and you can start viewing them here.

I set up this website with the aid of one of my former expat clients whom I helped successfully find an apartment in Shenzhen. This client himself is a Chinese interpreter/translator. He was amazed that, even despite his complete fluency in both written and spoken Chinese, he still had a headache finding an apartment in the Futian/Luohu area. There ARE decent apartments at reasonable rates out there, but getting to them without wasting an extraordinary amount of time navigating the real-estate agents' deceptive business practices: that is another matter wholly apart from, and in addition to, any language barrier you may or may not have.

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     Apartment location services in the following areas of Shenzhen, China: Futian district, Luohu district, Baoan district, Nanshan district, Longgang district, and Longhua district. I can help you lease commercial real-estate in the greater Shenzhen area as well. As an English-speaking, independent agent who formerly worked in one of Shenzhen's residential real-estate companies, I know the ropes and will be your razor in cutting through the red-tape and deception.